Top 5 Features of Atcovation School App

11 Nov2019

Top 5 Features of Atcovation School App

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event”: Heidi Hayes Jacobs

In this age of digitalization where every single work has become dependent on technology, the education sector is no exception. More than an add-on, the concept of technology in the classroom has become crucial for the new generation of tech-savvy kids. Understanding their requirements, MasterSoft ERP Solutions have developed an efficient & innovative school management app named as Atcovation. The school mobile app is extremely user-friendly and it eradicates the majority of the paper-work in schools leading to teachers to pay more attention towards students creating a positive learning environment.

Being a responsible educator, if you are in search of a school app that would help increase the overall productivity of your institution, you may give a thought to implementing Atcovation. To make your decision-making journey easier, we have compiled a list of top 5 features of the Atcovation School App.

Here are the top 5 features of Atcovation…

Time-efficient Automated School Attendance App

A teacher has to play a multi-dimensional role. In addition to teaching the academic curriculum, they need to perform non-teaching activities such as marking attendance of their students, that also on a daily basis. While attendance time is considered to be fun-time amongst children, teachers may not think the same as it consumes a considerable amount of time and disturbs their teaching. The loss of lecture time may adversely affect children’s performance in the long-term and may degrade the overall outcomes. To overcome such instances, implementation of school app Atcovation seems apt.

Atcovation is the most prominent school attendance app; embedded with an automated attendance system that helps teachers mark the attendance digitally within a minute! It not only eases their daily hassle but also, helps them focus more on teaching and solving queries of children.

Ease of Assigning Daily Homework

Apart from attendance management, the next big headache of teachers is assigning daily homework to kids. This activity also requires an enormous amount of time as the teachers need to takeout questions and dictate them regularly to students. To be honest, there’s no point in diverting energy to such unproductive tasks. However, with Atcovation, faculty gets the provision to upload and manage the homework of students virtually from anywhere and at any time. Thus, this school homework app is highly time-efficient and enables faculty to execute the daily homework assignment task smoothly.

Chat Messenger Fostering Teacher-Parent Communication

Unlike the old times, nowadays, both parents are working professionals. On one side, this fact is setting a good example of a progressive society, but on the other hand, it is creating trouble for little children. Owing to the jam-packed schedule of parents, they hardly get time to get involved with their children’s academics. Children may tend to play more and neglect their studies since no one’s keeping a tab over them and it may negatively impact their academic record.

Integrated with chat messenger, the school management app – Atcovation can help busy parents overcome such a barrier. The chat messenger feature enables parents to stay in touch with teachers and discuss their concerns regarding their kids. Parents may ask teachers regarding their children’s progress and cross-check whether they are doing their homework by referring to the homework on the app uploaded by teachers.

Notifications & Alerts for Better Parental Engagement

In addition to academic concerns, sometimes working parents may not be able to visit the school for the parent-teacher meet or other important events. However, Atcovation has a great feature of sending auto-reminders and notifications to parents for informing them of upcoming events. Teachers can utilize this feature and send reminders to parents via emails on their personal Ids or SMS on their mobile phones. Even after sending notifications, parents can’t make it to the event; teachers have the facility to upload videos and images related to the event with mere clicks. Thus, Atcovation leaves no stone unturned for boosting parental engagement.

Analytics Dashboard for Evaluating Overall Scholastic Performance

Last on our list is an analytics dashboard feature of Atcovation. The analytics dashboard can be considered as a smart tool that integrates entire data of the school and generates precise reports depicting key parameters such as the performance of students, their grades, attendance history, and performance of teachers. With the help of a dashboard management system, educators can closely monitor the institutional activities and make decisions that would help them accomplish goals within a short span of time.

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Key Takeaways

Atcovation holds the capability to transform the learning environment for children by speeding up the scholastic processes & improving teacher-parent communication. All-in-all, implementing Atcovation is a win-win deal for educators willing to upgrade their performance by introducing efficient edTech.

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