Keep track of all the scholastic activities using the School Parent App

Atcovation helps bridge the communication gap between parents and the teachers and between parents and the school. Most of the parents aren’t able to visit the school regularly and get in touch either the school authorities or the teachers. Consequently, they are unable to get important updates and information on their ward. The school parent app is a great solution to all such problems.

Parents can regularly be in touch with both the school and the teachers with the app. Parents can ask the concerned authorities about their ward's performance, activities, achievements, etc. Alternatively, parents can also get notified by the school and parents regarding their ward’s scholastic activities as well as performance.

The in-app messenger connects parents with teachers or school on the go. With the school communication app, the parents can easily raise their concerns with the school regarding any particular thing and get it sorted out even if they are busy with their own work.

The school mobile app reduces the worry of parents and reduces their visits to the school every now and then, which most parents can't afford due to lack of time. The other benefits of the app for parents are that they can simply open the app and know anything about the school activities such as examination schedule, parent-teacher meet, notices, circulars, etc.

The constant communication between parents, teachers and the school helps in building effective cooperation of all the prime stakeholders which leads to improved student outcomes. The parents can also analyze the weak and strong areas of their child and act accordingly.

Key Features Of The School Mobile App For Parents

1Ensure Child Safety

Parents can ensure their child’s safety by tracking the school bus carrying their child, live. Also, they get notified prior to the bus arrival, before pick-up and drop-down so that arrangements can be made to drop and pick their child accordingly.

2Get Notified

Parents get notified once the teacher marks attendance and they instantly get to know that their child has reached the school. Also, notifications regarding schedules, exams, homework, meets, etc. help the parents stay updated about their child’s scholastic activities.

3Keep Track Of Scholastic Activities

Parents can keep track of important scholastic activities such as exam schedules, class timetables, upcoming events, parent-teacher meets, etc. all from the school app, by simply logging in. This helps parents to plan well in advance.

4Communicate With School And Teachers

Parents can communicate either with the school or the teachers involved with their child using the in-app messenger anytimes. Parents can raise concerns, have their doubts cleared or simply inform the concerned authority, on the go.

5View Homework

Parents can view all the homework details assigned to their child in one place. Additionally, parents can access useful study resources, shared by teachers, such as documents, pictures or videos and web links, which can be used to help their child with homework and studies.

6Get Actively Involved

Parents can get actively involved in all of their child’s scholastic pursuits even without regularly visiting the school or meeting the teachers. They can find out everything there is to know about their child’s school life and can work towards their child’s improvement.