How Atcovation's Features help the Students, Teachers, and Parents to Stay Connected

29 Nov2019

How Atcovation's Features help the Students, Teachers, and Parents to Stay Connected

More than just a school mobile app, Atcovation is a smart digitized solution that succors to all the scholastic & co-scholastic needs of educators, teachers, and students. This app can completely help teachers to manage everyday tasks & boost student & institutional progress driving quickest ROI. Embedded with a lot of beneficial features, Atcovation has become the primary choice of top-notch schools. As an educator, if you are looking for a smart & innovative app, you must consider Atcovation in the first place.

We are providing a list of Atcovation’s features that can benefit the schools by meeting the expectations of key stakeholders – students, teachers, and parents.

1) Marking & Tracking the Attendance

‘I spend half of the classroom time in marking attendance!’

Being a teacher, can you identify yourself with the above situation? If your answer is a big yes then, it’s time to switch to Atcovation! It can minimize the daily attendance marking time directly to less than a minute! Its navigation is simple-to-use & with mere clicks, teachers can manage & track the attendance of students. In addition to this, this attendance app for students also equips faculty members to share the attendance with parents & reduce the chances of chronic absenteeism & bunking classes. Thus, the school attendance app –Atcovation can prove to be extremely fruitful for teachers & in a way, improve student engagement in the classroom.

2) No More Phone Calls & Paperless Invites

A school witnesses a series of events such as sports, drama, musical programs, seminars, conferences, and a lot more. While these activities can work wonders for students, it can become a headache for teachers as they have to make arrangements for making the event successful. They just can’t refrain from making phone calls & sending paper invites to guests and parents. To ease out these things, this school app for teachers comprises of alerts & notifications feature that sends digital invites to respective people & also sends automated reminders to their email Ids or phone number reminding them about the event.

3) Share Homework & Assignments with Ease

Next on the list is the - daily homework & assignment sharing feature!

Does the unproductive task of sharing homework & assignments consume a lot of time?

You need not worry! Adding to the count of benefits, Atcovation’s homework assignment feature can suffice this problem. It has the option of uploading homework virtually at any time and from any given location empowering faculty members as well as students. Thus, teachers can save a significant amount of time in the classroom & utilize that for solving the doubts or queries of students. Furthermore, the faculty members can also upload important documents, PDFs, video tutorials, and study materials with the app & foster a better learning environment. With an enhanced focus on teaching & learning, the overall productivity & efficiency of school is bound to increase in the long term!

4) Chat Messenger to Fill the Communication Gap

To be honest, chat messenger is one of the most amazing features of Atcovation. It’s just like any usual chat messenger, but it serves the purpose of bridging the gap between parents & teachers. The chat messenger integrated into the school parent app enables faculty & parents to communicate, collaborate, and create altogether a new zone that would improve students’ performance. Thinking how? Let us quote an example. Suppose, your kid is not performing well in exams, and you aren’t aware of this fact because you missed out on the parents-teachers meet owing to a hectic work schedule. In such instances, most of the children get neglected at home, and their academic performance tends to decrease. However, with this parent communication app, such cases can be reduced as it has the provision of personalized chat. Here, parents can discuss their concerns regarding the children & keep a tab on their grades by staying in the loop.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, the powerful mobile app for school has additional functionalities such as an analytics dashboard & live bus tracking. With an analytics dashboard, teachers can generate reports regarding student performance & plan out new strategies for improvement, and with live bus tracking, student security can be ensured.

To explore more about Atcovation or scheduling a FREE demo of this all-in-one school solution, get in touch with us!