Introducing school app in the digital classroom

10 Aug2019

Introducing school app in the digital classroom

“Classrooms don't need tech geeks who can teach; we need teaching geeks who can use tech”

- David Geurin

It does no wonder how technology has transformed the world into a better place. Right from electronic household devices to software for industries, technology has made a huge impact by simplifying on our lives. However, when we speak of one of the most important sectors – Education, it still lacks technological advancements. Majority of the teachers still follow the traditional norms and perform their tasks manually. The paperwork just increases the intensity of workload and consumes way too much time which could be otherwise utilized for helping students with academics.

With digitization shaping the world and technology becoming the new reality, educators must seek effective solutions such as Education ERP software integrated with school mobile apps to foster the growth of students as well as the entire institute. School app is basically a platform by which work processes of an educational institute can be automated, better communication could be established on an institutional level by enhancing parental engagement, and the paperwork of staff can be minimized to a great extent.

Here’s how teachers, students, parents, and educators can benefit by implementing of an efficient school mobile app...

No More Hassles of Marking Attendance & Sharing Homework

The word ‘attendance’ has become synonymous with ‘headache’ for teachers. Researchers have stated that no matter how quick a teacher tries to mark attendance, it still consumes nearly 30% of the entire classroom time. However, being a teacher it’s impossible to skip the task of marking student’s attendance. In addition to this, teachers need to assign homework to students on a daily basis. All-in-all teachers lose out half of their time doing other activities rather than teaching. These shortcomings can be eradicated completely with a mobile integrated school management app.

School apps enable a teacher to mark attendance of the entire class within a couple of minutes, and likewise, teachers can also assign homework to students virtually with mere clicks.

Improved Parental Engagement to Bridge the Communication Gap

Without good students, it’s just not feasible to accomplish scholastic goals and maintain the school’s reputation and to be honest, parental engagement is a key to escalating the performance of the students. Apart from teachers, parents play a vital role in children's lives. It’s essential for parents to stay in touch with the institute to track the performance of their kids. Howbeit, their hectic professional lives don’t allow them to spend much time with the kids as well as teachers.

Taking out time out of a packed schedule from time to time is not practically possible. In such instances, a school mobile app embedded with chat messenger could work wonders! With school chat messenger, parents can keep in touch with the teachers, discuss their concerns, and stay updated about their children's academic progress.

Analytical Dashboards for Smart Decision Making

School app with an analytical dashboard is the best feature educators could ask for! An analytical dashboard allows teachers to generate performance reports of the students based on parameters such as academic grades, attendance, and much more. Teachers can use these reports to understand the weak areas of students and then plan out strategies to help them improve. Furthermore, they can share these reports with the parents to keep them updated of scholastic progress of their children.

‘Atcovation’ is one of the leading school mobile apps that offer a wide range of student data management features such as marking attendance, creating timetables, examination schedules, analytics reports, and a chat messenger.

Owing to such amazing benefits, educators must not delay and schedule a free demo of Atcovation today!