Why Mobile App is Trending in Education Sector?

27 Aug2019

Why Mobile App is Trending in Education Sector?

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world”: David Warlick

Kudos to modern-day technology, the level of education has reached par excellence! Kids these days are enjoying their schooling because of the ‘learn with fun’ element that education ERP tools and mobile apps have added to the entire process of teaching. Teacher-Student Engagement has improved significantly with the concept of mobile apps that are capable of simplifying the everyday work processes of teachers and faculty members.

Being well-equipped with intelligent features that not just ease the workload of teachers but also, enhance the academic performance of students by facilitating crucial insights of their track record, school mobile apps have become the talk of the town these days. Every other top-notch educator has introduced mobile apps in their educational institutes to reap the numerous scholastic benefits that it has to offer.

If you are an educator and willing to explore how a school management app can benefit your institution, stay tuned with us till the end!

Registering Attendance & Assigning Homework Smoothly

‘Attendance-Time’ is considered as the fun-time among students because it consumes way more time than it actually should. However, that’s not a good thing when it comes to learning. Students lose their precious time doing nothing and likewise, teachers have to do such not-so-productive activity daily. Research has shown that teachers spend one-third of their lecture time registering the attendance of the class. With a smart school app integrated with an automated attendance system, teachers can save their time and shorten the attendance duration to just a couple of minutes! Yes, that’s practically possible with a school app! On top of that, school management apps also allow teachers to assign homework virtually at any time and from anywhere, again, saving their precious time that could be utilized doing productive activities in the classroom.

Nurturing the Parents-Teachers Bond

Not many parents realize the importance of their active participation in children’s scholastic activities. It’s not that they don’t like to pay attention to their kids, but due to professional work constraints, they hardly get time to visit their kids school and meet teachers. Unfortunately, it could leave a negative impact on young minds, and they may feel neglected. In such instance, a school mobile app which is also touted as ‘school communication app’ owing to its chat messenger feature could prove to be a blessing in disguise for busy parents.

A school app enables teachers and parents to collaborate on virtual grounds where they get a golden opportunity to discuss their concerns and share progress reports of students without any hassle.

Personal Security with School Bus Tracking

A good academic record of students is crucial for the success of educational institutions, but there’s one more aspect that educators must acknowledge and that is – the safety of the students. Nowadays, everyone is aware of the situation of the outside world, right? The environment is not at all safe for the kids. It’s the responsibility of educators to monitor students and ensure they are safe. However, educators can’t keep a tab on students when they leave school and travel back home.

In such cases, a mobile app with a school bus tracking feature could be the savior! School bus tracking allows parents as well as educators to monitor the location of the school bus and sends alert updates whenever there’s an emergency. What else one could ask for? Safety of children is the best thing educators can impart to parents.

To sum up

School Apps have brought a tremendous change in the education sector by facilitating features like bus tracking, automated attendance, homework assignment, online fee payment and much more that can escalate the overall growth of schools within a short span of time. It has proven to be a one-stop solution for meeting all the scholastic needs of students, teachers, and educators, and is, therefore, trending these days.

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