Introduce School App In Your Campus to Improve Productivity

01 May2019

Introduce School App In Your Campus to Improve Productivity

Expectations from schools to provide the best experience to students rises continuously. But schools also face budget issues and other constraints. The best way to deal with this issue is to work more with few resources.

To work more with few resources, schools need to implement new and innovative tools. One such tool is the school management app. A school app may seem like a small step but it can immensely help improve the productivity of the school.

It is a multidimensional tool which helps everyone from management to parents. Here are below-listed points which explains how a school app can improve productivity.

Improves communication

Effective communication is vital in schools. Poor communication can lead to decreased productivity. It is important to communicate effectively so people can work together to achieve goals.

  • Communication between teachers and school admin

    To run a school efficiently, there should be effective communication between school administrators and teachers. It is difficult to keep track of mail trails. With a school app, staff can communicate directly in real time.

    School admins are able to easily convey what they expect of teachers. They can also review teachers performance and suggest some changes in their teaching methods.

    In case of any grievances or doubts, teachers can directly communicate with the admins and resolve the issue at the earliest.

    Effective communication also ensures transparency which helps teachers to complete tasks faster and with more accuracy.

  • Communication between teachers

    Teachers may not find the time or their schedules might clash to physically meet and discuss the curriculum, students or any academic activity. Team planning sessions help teachers to provide quality education to students.

    With the school app, teachers can communicate from anywhere and at any time. They can formulate new ideas and plans from the comforts of their homes. They can also discuss student performance and how to improve it.

  • Communication between parents and teachers

    Parents often do not find the time to consult with teachers about how their child is performing. This can lead to a negative impact on student performance. The school app facilitates easy communication between parents and teachers.

    Teachers can send in student grades, attendance reports, and homework directly via the app. Instead of printing and distributing circulars, teachers can simply send notifications about the upcoming events in bulk to the parents.

    The app also has a timetable feature, with which parents can ensure that their child is carrying the right books. This helps teachers to avoid the hassle of checking whether every student has got the right books.

    Thus, the school mobile app encourages parents to take up an active role in their child’s education and ease the pressure on teachers.

Automates Attendance

Teachers have to multitask a lot of work as they face many time crunches. While completing important formal duties of the class it is quite possible that they might not get the time to focus on every student.

Marking daily attendance manually on registers can be a mundane task for teachers. It also causes teachers to lose precious classroom time.

A school mobile app helps teachers by automating attendance. All teachers have to do is click on the names of students who are absent. The rest of the students are marked present automatically.

Parents can also send leave applications via the school app. The app will automatically mark the student ‘on-leave’ on the dates mentioned in the application. This helps to further save teachers time.

Thus, teachers save time and can concentrate better on each student and be more productive.

Generates Reports

The school app generates many reports when integrated with dashboard analytics. These reports are difficult to create manually.

One of the most important reports is the student performance report. The report is created on various factors like grades of tests and examinations, attendance, and behavior of the student.

The reports are in a statistical format which helps teachers to analyze them in one glance. Teachers can find weak areas of students and guide them better.

A simple mobile app can help schools become more efficient. Thus, schools should implement a school mobile app.

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