How Can Schools Bridge the Communication Gap with a School App?

05 Mar2019

How Can Schools Bridge the Communication Gap with a School App

Are you, as a School, ready to face the challenges posed by today’s competitive educational environment and the technological advancements taking place faster than ever before?

Schools, nowadays, are continuously evolving in order to keep pace with society and its demands.

Why is there a communication gap?

Teachers, parents and the Schools act as founding pillars in a student’s life. Solid and seamless communication between these stakeholders is essential for students’ optimal growth in all the major aspects of their lives.

Due to lack of time, improper communication channels and unavailability of proper resources, the stakeholders can’t communicate with each other. For instance, parents who are busy with their jobs and other responsibilities can’t find the time to attend all of the PTMs.

Likewise, parents of the students residing in another city cannot visit the School as often as they should. On the other hand, emails only prove to be good as long as they contain school notices, circulars, etc. Emails are inefficient in solving student issues quickly.

What is the need to bridge the communication gap?

Various factors and reasons lead to miscommunication between teachers and parents. This not only has a negative impact on the student’s academic life but also affects the student’s overall performance, which is due to the fact that the teachers and parents are not working incongruence.

The child may be expected to do something at School and something else entirely at home. Moreover, when parents get out of touch with their ward’s scholastic activities, the child may feel neglected and his performance tends to drop.

A teacher has to pay attention to several students, sometimes at once. The care and attention a child needs can only be provided with a joint effort of teachers and parents, which is possible only via seamless communication.

In order to help the child grow in a healthy environment and to bring the best in them, teachers and parents must communicate on a regular basis to understand each other's expectations and responsibilities.

Efficient communication is a certain way to ensure that the stakeholders collaborate effectively and together create a healthy, nurturing environment for the student!

How school apps can be a great tool?

In the digital age we live, everyone has a mobile phone. So mobile apps are the best medium to connect teachers and parents. These apps enable communication between school admin, teachers and parents in the simplest format.

  • Communication Between Teachers And Parents

    Parents today are increasingly becoming aware of their child’s needs and requirements.

    School communication applications help parents to stay in touch with teachers regarding the academic performance of their ward. Furthermore, communication via chat also enables stakeholders to stay in contact, despite the place and time. Parents can clear their doubts and queries regarding anything related to their child.

    Moreover, Parents can be sent daily attendance reports, so they are aware of their child’s whereabouts. This not just relieves the school of their responsibility to ensure student safety but also relieves the parents of worries.

    Furthermore, Teachers can assign daily homework to the students via the app, so that precious classroom time is not wasted. Additionally, this helps parents to be in touch with what is taught daily in schools. In order to aid parents, teachers can send study materials and resources, such as images, videos, web-links, etc., via the app.

    Another added advantage is that parents can apply for leave applications directly through the school management app. The school application then marks the student on leave in the attendance module saving teacher’s time.

  • Communication Between School Administration And Parents

    Most schools do not have the proper means to establish effective communication between the school administration and parents. This can lead to parents missing out on important events and activities.

    By using the broadcasting feature on the school mobile app, Administration can send bulk notifications to parents regarding school events, school trip information, circulars, etc.

    School Apps thus help parents stay in the loop.

  • Communication Between School Administration And Teachers

    With schools actively employing more teachers to reduce the student-teacher ratio, it becomes difficult to address issues faced by teachers. If these issues are not dealt with, the performance of teachers can be affected.

    With the school communication app teachers can directly send in their grievances to the concerned authority and instant action can be taken.

    School app connects every segment of the school. This, in turn, ensures better communication which leads to improved efficiency and results.

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