How School Mobile Apps Ensure Student Safety?

18 Sept2018

How School Mobile Apps Ensure Student Safety

Do you, as a school authority, require a lot of efforts and time to ensure student safety?

Are you, as a parent, constantly worried about your child's safety or whereabouts?

Is managing student attendance becoming a tedious task for your staff?

The one stop solution to ensure student safety - A School Mobile App!

For every parent and every School Management, the most important thing is - ensuring student safety. But doing so requires a lot of efforts and time, especially if the student strength is sizeable. Without a proper, streamlined and efficient procedure, attendance can prove to be a hectic task for teachers, consume a lot of their time and may be prone to errors which is again a huge risk.

In most of the cases, teachers are required to sacrifice their teaching time for taking attendance. But a simple, speedy and proficient mobile app for school is the solution of every stakeholder's problem. As an efficient, fast and intuitive App manages everything for you and ensures student safety without any errors, saves time considerably and streamlines your attendance process.

A School App automates the complete process of attendance in three important steps, to make sure that each and every child is safe. These steps are -

Live Bus Tracking Facility

Schools can define a specific route/routes for bus through a School Management App. And parents/teachers can live-track the whereabouts of the bus having their ward. Parents get a notification ten minutes prior to the bus arrival for both pick up and drop off. This facilitates them to plan accordingly and save time. Also parents can ensure that someone can pick up or drop their ward during their absence or unavailability. This makes sure that the student is always under a watchful guidance and ensures their safety. In case of emergency or an undesirable event, parents can contact the bus driver or authority directly, instead of calling the school for information.

Streamlined Attendance

Attendance through an app can be integrate with an education management software which serves many purposes at once. Firstly, it mitigates risk of errors in the attendance management. Secondly, it saves a lot of teacher’s time and proves to be a stress free way of managing attendance. Thirdly, it sends auto generated SMS & Email notifications to parents informing them about their child arrival or departure to & from school. And lastly but importantly it helps teachers as well as the school management in keeping track of every student's attendance.

Single Platform

The app provides a single platform where all the prime constituents can effectively communicate with each other. For instance, parents can apply for leave and that gets instantly notified to the teacher. The attendance of their ward can be instantly notified to the parents. It is a quick, modern and integrated medium for information dissemination to ensure that all the concerned authorities are in the connectivity loop and well informed.

The interlinking of the app with an Education ERP plays a key role in providing major benefits of the app to every stakeholder.

Apart from student safety management, the app also manages other lesser important things and acts as an excellent platform to boost teacher-parent communication and helps in improving student outcomes as it lets the school management or teachers notify parents about homework. Daily homework can be updated on the app with pictures, videos as well as web-links. This ensures that every student and their parents get informed about the homework well in time so that they can prepare for the same. It also acts as a leverage for increasing parental involvement.

Atcovation, one of the most efficient app, additionally lets you manage daily & yearly academic calendar which stores details like examination, sports events, cultural events, academic events, results, etc. Also news, updates or important information can also be shared on the app.