School App For Teacher, Parent & Student Engagement

School management is a big task nowadays with thousands of students studying and teachers who are recruited according to the strength of the students. It becomes tedious most of the times to check out attendance, marks, sending an important circular to parents and much more.

Atcovation is a new era school App for managing the activities in the schools. With the help of a school management app designed for managing institute's activities, communication becomes easier with the parents. The educational institutes can directly communicate with the parents through mobile app and share the following:

  • Notices
  • School circulars
  • Ward activities
  • Upcoming events
  • Notification of Parents-Teachers meeting
  • Examination notices

Moreover, Atcovation helps in providing seamless Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that will integrate school management and teachers. The great flexibility in operations is provided to the institution's workforce. The service providers render its services to more than 1,500 educational institutes across India. The innovative concept used in Atcovation mobile app is creative, updated by using the latest technology and the products are made according to the requirements of schools.

Key Features Provided by Atcovation for Educational Campuses

This school communication app is creating a revolution in the online communication, which is prevailing amongst the educational institutions. The ERP solution provides easier interaction between the school, teachers, students and parents. The updated data and easy log in details make the process great. Here are few features provided by Atcovation:

  • The school can register through app or the website. After this, the admin of the school needs to create varied divisions that specify faculty members, class teachers and varied subject teachers.
  • The school can register teachers with their name and mobile numbers. The respective teachers will receive log in details via a message. They can now log in through these credentials and fill up the remaining details.
  • In case, there are many faculties in the educational institution then the school admin can share one code with all the teachers. The teaching staff can add this code to log in and use the app.
  • There is a unique code for each school and the teachers of a particular school can use that code only. If at any point in time, the teacher is deactivated from his/her account then they will not be able to log in again.

Schools are now encouraging school mobile app, which is inspired by the ERP system. It provides connectivity amongst the educational institutions, teachers, students and parents. Most of the schools have their own apps that parents and teachers can download to remain in constant touch with the activities going on in the school premises. This app assists in sending and receiving the reports of wards in an effortless manner as it always remains updated.

Atcovation is a pioneer in the field of generating top-notch ERP solutions for the schools. The segregation of the data class, section and student wise helps the teachers to generate updated reports about a particular child and send it to their parents.

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