Top 5 Must-Have Attributes In A School Mobile App

11 Oct2018

Top 5 Must-have Attributes In A School Mobile App

Schools, the founding stones of any society, are now acknowledging the significance and benefits of a school app. Schools today understand that in order to stay ahead of the competition and deliver their promises, there is no better option than a school app combined with a school management system.

But before opting for a school app, there are some features you must look for. As going for an app is a very important decision it must be taken wisely and carefully. Although you have the option to migrate to any other app, it involves a lot of tedious processes and can be very time-consuming apart from the risk of data loss.

Here I am listing the top 7 must-have attributes you should definitely look for in a school app -

Homework & Assignment

More often than not, school kids fail to note down their homework properly, especially the younger students. This results in the student’s loss and parents are left with incomplete homework & assignments. But a school mobile app can be leveraged to solve this problem. Teachers can share homework/assignments with parents/students which can be accessed 24/7 through some school mobile apps.

A great feature, this also helps in boosting student performance & consistency. Hence you must look for this feature in the app.


Exams, tests, quizzes, events, functions, special day celebrations, annual functions, short-term vacations!

There are certainly many academic, non-academic, cultural and sports events going on in a school. The best way to ensure that the concerned people are informed well in advance is the calendar which is easily accessible by teachers and parents that is through an app. This helps in perfect planning to make the most out of each event, whether exams or sports.

The calendar and schedule feature in a school management app must be there by default as it is of great importance. Hence look for this feature to not only inform everyone on board but also ensure that no two events overlap and all the events are well planned and successful.

Online Fee Collection

Today's day and age don't allow parents or schools to waste precious time, resources and efforts for a mundane task such as fee collection or fee payment. Long gone are the days when parents used to stand in long queues for hours just to pay the fees. Now with a single click of a button, parents can pay the fee online and schools don't need to handle cash transactions of bank reconciliation issues.

You must definitely go for an app which provides a secure, robust and easy way to transfer fees. This saves a lot of time and hassles and also ensures that all the money directly gets transferred to your bank account. Such apps usually notify parents for fee dues well in advance so that they don't miss the last date and this is again of great benefit to both the schools and parents.

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Image & Video Sharing

Yes, image and video sharing. At first, it may seem like a very normal and maybe not-so-useful feature. But, trust me, you want an app which supports sharing of photos and videos because that is what today's age demands.

For instance, parents who stay away from their child can see their kid participate in sports or competitions. A picture or video of that event is a valuable memory for the parents which can be shared via the app. Now coming to the academic part of it, you can share pictures and videos of assignments or homework or even a lecture or practical class. This will help the parents better understand the subject topic and what is expected from their child.

In this manner, a simple picture or video goes a long way in improving a student’s performance by adequate sharing of information completely. Hence, you should choose an app containing the feature of picture and video sharing.

Attendance & Notification

Marking manual attendance takes a lot of efforts and up to ten minutes of each class. But if you mark attendance using a school attendance app it can save you a considerable amount of time as it can be accomplished in merely 60 seconds or even less!

Yes, you can save a lot of stress on your teachers by providing them with an app which will assist them in speedy attendance marking. What's more? Some apps, like atcovation, also facilitates auto-generated SMS/email notifications to parents telling them about the attendance of their ward.

These are the top 5 features which will make it easy and efficient for you to manage your daily scholastic activities smoothly. Hence you must look for these features in mobile app for school.