Common Mistakes Schools Make When Opting For A School Mobile App

24 Oct2018

Common Mistakes Schools Make When Opting For A School Mobile App

A School is by far the most important place where young minds are shaped, which become the future of the country. Unarguably schools have a responsibility to adequately nurture, enlighten and educate children. But, is only providing bookish knowledge sufficient?

Definitely not! Schools have many other responsibilities like improving student outcomes, involving parents, ensuring student safety, maintaining discipline and many more. If there is one thing that can actively, quickly and efficiently help schools manage most of their activities, it's a proficient School Management App.

Yes! An app.

A smartphone app which connects the key stakeholders of the scholastic ecosystem leads to better connectivity between teachers and parents. This helps both the concerned parties to effectively collaborate and boost student success in ways more than one. But many times schools tend to make mistakes while choosing a school app. This may prove to be a huge loss especially in terms of data loss or data security breach, efficiency and your school's reputation.

Here I have listed the most common mistakes that schools make while opting for a school mobile app and which may be prevented for the betterment of all the prime constituents of the educational ecosystem -

Cutting Back On Expenditure

It is quite understandable that school with a lot of expenses, multiple projects and unlimited budget think of cutting back on expenditure when it comes to a school mobile app. Although it is good to spend money wisely and only when needed, the same does not work while going for a mobile app for school. A free app is free for a reason in a world where even water is not free. The free school app may be responsible for data theft or even data security breach. Even if the free app is secured there is always a possibility that it may go exclusive anytime which may lead to the loss of your precious data. So it is highly recommendable that schools should go for an app which has the necessary features within a limited or set budget instead of going for a free app.

The Old School Method

The older methods of communication the schools have been using since ages are still prevalent. Most of the schools don't want to change these methods mainly because of comfort, habit or tradition, but schools need to realise the importance of this change. The change brought about by the information and communication technology is in itself revolutionary. Using technology is not just a trend but a necessity today. Schools must use an app for reaching out to the students and parents because that is the present and the future of communication and information dissemination.

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Inefficient Training

Any technology is only as good and efficient as it's user. The same is true for a school mobile app also. The numerous benefits of the school app can only be advantages for you if you know how to use it productively. Different types apps have different features and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Training the end users namely the teachers and the parents is very important if you want to reap the benefits of your school management app. Surely the schools who have trained their teachers and parents on how to make the most out of the app are more than happy with the performance of the app and the ease with which they can communicate as well as share information.

Poor Market Research

Often schools don't conduct a proper market survey for an app and simply choose the one they come across first or which is free of cost. But this can prove to be a grave mistake because of a number of reasons. Firstly, it devoids the schools of the crucial opportunity of finding out what the market has to offer. Secondly, there is always a probability that schools may miss the more important features like live bus tracking or attendance notification to parents. Nextly, schools may lose on the chance to find a great app in a reasonable budget. It is advisable that schools must conduct a thorough market research before opting an app.