Why Atcovation Is The Best School Mobile App For K12 Institutions?

05 Apr2019

Why Atcovation Is The Best School Mobile App For K12 Institutions?

The popularity of school apps is increasing exponentially, with parents and students becoming tech-savvy by the day!

The 2014 Campus Computing Survey reveals that 83% of participating campuses had developed and released mobile apps, a 23% increase from 2012. The school apps revolutionize the way Institutes function. Parents and teachers can also communicate seamlessly from any location with the school communication app.

But school apps with a sophisticated user interface fail to serve their original purpose of keeping the teachers and parents in the connectivity loop. It is easy to train teachers about how the app should be used. But parents come from different sectors and classes of the society and may not be technologically savvy. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to operate a school management app with a complex user interface.

This is where Atcovation is different from other school apps. It has an extremely simple and intuitive user interface. End users do not need any special training to operate it. This promotes the use of the mobile app which in turn boosts communication between all the stakeholders.

Atcovation offers many benefits apart from being user-friendly. Listed below are reasons of how Atcovation provides Institutes with the best experience:

Data Security

Schools store sensitive student and school information like medical history of pupils, educational records, bank details, staff data, etc. As this data is stored online, it is susceptible to data theft, hacks, and malware attacks.

The misuse of this information can be really detrimental to students, parents and the schools. Therefore, school apps should protect data to avoid the exploitation of data.

Atcovation considers the security of student data to be of the utmost importance and takes appropriate measures to ensure no data breach occurs.

With the multiple layers of encryption that Atcovation provides, it is extremely difficult for hackers to obtain data illegally. We also provide regular security updates, which ensure that any bugs that exist are removed at the earliest.

Atcovation creates multiple backups so information can be restored easily in case of emergencies.


A school app can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every Educational Institute is different and so are their needs. Thus, schools should have the freedom to configure the school mobile app according to their requirements.

Atcovation can be easily configured to provide a flexible and adaptable solution to schools. When school apps are configured according to individual school’s use, they increase efficiency and productivity.

Dashboard Analytics

Teachers should be empowered with tools that help them improve student outcomes. Atcovation is integrated with analytics which creates precise student reports. These reports are generated on the basis of grades, attendance records, and behavior of the students.

The reports can be obtained in real time and are in the statistical format. This helps teachers to analyze reports in very less time and reduces the burden on them to manually create these reports.

The reports can be generated individually of a student or collectively of a classroom. After analyzing the reports, teachers evaluate areas of concern. Teachers can then support students who lag behind.

The administration can also access these reports to ensure that teachers are educating students to the best of their ability. They can also suggest changes in the teaching techniques deployed by teachers to ensure students receive quality education.

Thus, Atcovation helps improve student outcomes.

Notifications And Alerts

Schools send important notifications of parent-teacher meetings and other events with students on printed circulars. But there is a high chance of parents not receiving them as students misplace them or simply forget to show it to their parents.

This leads to parents being unaware of events and missing them. To avoid these situations Atcovation uses push notifications to inform parents of events.

These notifications can be sent by teachers in bulk with a single click. Regular reminders before events can be sent to parents so they can manage their busy schedules and not miss these events.

These notifications can also be used to send in alerts. For eg., if a bus is running late, parents can be informed in advance via push notifications so they know their child’s whereabouts at all times.

Export Reports In Excel

During configuration, the entire school’s information is fed into the system, thus creating an extensive database. This database can be utilized by users with proper credentials for eg., administration, and teachers. They can access information saved in this database with a single click.

Regular reports are generated in real time with the information saved in the database. The reports are easily exported in excel sheets seamlessly. Reports in Excel format are very organized and are ready to print. These reports can be distributed to stakeholders so they stay in the loop.

The benefits Atcovation provides make it stand out from the other school apps making it the best school app for K-12 Institutes.

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