How School App Helps You Improve Student Academic Performance?

20 Mar2019

How School App Helps You Improve Student Academic Performance

In today's technologically-driven world, almost every student has access to smartphones. Schools must take advantage of this fact and introduce digital tools. However, these tools must be implemented with care and should improve student outcomes rather than distract them from learning.

There are mobile apps for each and everything nowadays. Schools and teachers can use a School App that helps Institutes and students grow. With school apps, Institutes provide students with a resource they are already comfortable using.

A School Mobile App is a simple solution with which parents, teachers, and students can maintain records, access information and manage things without putting in a great deal of effort. It also has an easy user interface so end users need not undergo special training to operate or manage it.

Listed below are ways in which a school app can enhance a student academic performance:

Automate Attendance

There are many benefits of automating the attendance process. Research shows that missing 10% of the school year can negatively affect a student’s performance. That is if a student is missing just 2 days every month they are a chronic absentee.

To prevent this situation, the school app records attendance and creates attendance reports. These reports are graphical in form and hence very easy to read and analyze at a glance. Daily, monthly and yearly reports are easily accessed by teachers and parents. This was not possible when attendance was done manually.

By analyzing these reports, teachers can find defaulting students and take necessary action to get them back on track as students learn more when they attend school more. The app also sends auto-triggered messages to parents notifying them of their ward’s attendance status.

Automating attendance also reduces the time taken when attendance was done manually. Parents can send leave applications directly via the app, which marks the absentee student ‘on-leave’ automatically. With a few clicks, teachers can also mark the attendance of the entire class.

This helps the teacher to focus more on students instead of completing formal tasks. With teachers paying more attention, every student can perform to the best of their abilities.

Communicate efficiently

The key to optimizing student growth is students receiving equal support from both, teachers and parents. This is possible only when parents and teachers communicate effectively.

But with parents working and having busy schedules, it becomes very difficult for them to attend Parent-Teacher Meetings regularly. Also, parents who live in different cities find it hard to commute for PTMs.

Communication gaps can be easily solved with the school app. Parents receive daily feedback on their children directly through the app. Teachers can send in grade reports of tests, examinations, and quizzes. Homework and worksheets could also be sent directly by the app, so parents can ensure that students complete it on time.

To help students understand concepts more clearly, teachers can send pertinent notes, videos, and articles via the app. If parents have any queries or doubts they can clear them up with teachers through the in-built messenger feature of school management apps.

Thus, the school app facilitates Parent-Teacher communication which is vital for student growth.

Get Regular Updates

When schools send printed notices or circulars with the child it is possible that it might get lost or students forget to show it to their parents. This might lead to parents being unaware of important topics.

The school management App has a built-in calendar which is updated daily. It shows the dates of quizzes, tests, and examinations. Daily timetables and exam timetables are also available on the app. Push notifications are also sent in case, parents forget to check the calendar.

This ensures that parents can prepare children properly for everyday classes and examinations. This is also environment-friendly as it reduces the consumption of paper which was used to print circulars and notices.

With Institutes constantly finding ways to provide better quality education, school apps can help support every part of education. By connecting parents, teachers, and students it produces great student outcomes. The school management app helps teachers to handle class properly, parents to be more involved in their child’s education and students to manage their homework properly.

Thus, schools should embrace technology and not continue with conventional methods.