Atcovation - Mobile App for Schools, Parents & Students

25 Jan2018

Atcovation - Mobile App for Schools, Parents & Students

Atcovation is a linguistic blend of three words- Attendance, Communication and Innovation. It's an inventorial attendance and report-keeping tool for schools, teachers and parents. This innovative solution provides easy interaction between the teacher and parent. It's effortless to use and helps save paper.

  • Yester-year ways of marking attendances

    Yester-year ways of marking attendances which even exist; but not anymore! Earlier in schools and even now, teachers spend 40% of class time marking attendance in long, outdated registers. This mundane routine, at the expense of the teacher would waste precious class hours. Our solution namely, Atcovation, is an easy-to-use android and web interface school mobile app which marks attendance in one touch.

    I remember my teacher huddled around piles of reports, painstakingly managing, updating and filing it for my parent. What solutions are there for them? Atcovation at the rescue! This interface helps the school faculty and teachers manage, update, and organize reports of children. It's cost effective and environment-friendly as the institution is saving up on tons of paper.

  • Sending children to school requires immense

    Sending children to school requires immense trust between the parent and teacher. Parents, be it conventional or modern aren't rid of blasphemous worries nagging at the back of their minds. Has my child left school? Is my darling comfortable in this class environment? Is my kid safe at school? Our interface helps parent re-establish trust with the teacher. As teachers can send notifications, homework, report and class progress through our app; the parent has the information on his/her phone at all time. All that's need to be done by the parent is download the application from Google playstore. For parents who don't belong to the Smartphone-owning loop, they have access to information on the browser.

  • Faced with the challenges

    Faced with the challenges of extensive paperwork at school, we have seen administrative departments; maintaining so many files, student data, records, facts and memoranda adds on to accumulated clutter in the office space and misuse of paper resource. We didn't have a space saving strategy before or even simplified solutions to ease administrative work. We do now; Atcovation comes as a blessing in disguise for administrative staff. It manages information and data in digital space.

  • Atcovation - School Parent Communication App

    Schools are institutions which nurture our children. Communication among the trio-faculty, teacher and parent is immensely important to know about our kids. Are these demands met adequately in schools today? This challenge drove us to invent Atcovation. Our interface pioneers in effective interaction. The parent can notify the teacher for leave. The teacher can send messages about homework, events, tests and activities to the parent. Atcovation is one of the best teacher parent communication App.

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