How Teachers Can Leverage School Mobile App to Improve Teacher Parent Relationship

11 July2018

How Teachers Can Leverage School Mobile App to Improve Teacher Parent Relationship

Parents of the 21st century certainly believe in quality based education which includes them actively in the academic and overall development of their child. In today's day and age, no parent would want to be left out of or miss any scholastic activity in any manner. A school mobile app ensures that this particular demand of parents is fulfilled in a cost-effective and efficient way. Kudos to modern technology which has eased out the communication process extensively.

  • Need for communication between parents and teachers:

    Parents and teachers both play a very important role in influencing as well as training young minds. If these two constituents come together and carry out their responsibilities jointly then the student is bound to improve his performance and develop considerably. More often than not, parents want to know about as well as participate in their child's pursuits but don’t have the means to do so. An app, which is easily accessible anywhere anytime on mobile phones, boost teacher parent communication assists parents in getting more involved.

  • Effective communication:

    School apps for teachers have proven to be a speedy, implementable and easily manageable communication tool. Earlier, teachers had to put in a lot of efforts just to invite parents for a small parent-teacher meet. But now a simple SMS or email sent via an app, does the trick. This app helps parents by facilitating real time communication with teachers and even school administration. Parents enjoy the facility of enquiring about anything from home work to exam results and many other things from anywhere, anytime in just a few clicks. Now parents don’t have to grieve over missing out on anything even in a tight schedule.

  • Student growth:

    Any child needs a healthy and happy atmosphere to grow and develop successfully. When parents pay attention and get involved in their child's activities, the child is automatically motivated and encouraged to perform better. Also parents can stay updated on what's happening at the school and they may help the child with homework/projects or anything else. In this manner they can positively contribute towards the development of their child. Teachers can increase parental involvement via this app and keep every key stakeholder updated and informed. Moreover, parents also realize the significance of the role they play in the student's development. This makes them more responsible.

  • Smart school:

    It is rightly known as a school management app because it helps administration to keep track of every student's progress accurately and precisely. By locating vital data such as exam records, scored marks, attendance, etc. centrally, it compares this information and processes results which shows how the student is faring. This helps faculties and parents alike in tracking the growth of the pupil. All this data is available on the dashboard in a graphical format which can easily be read and interpreted quickly. This helps teachers in showing parents how well the student is performing thereby gaining parent's trust.

  • Safety:

    Needless to say, student safety has always been and will be a priority for every school. Absent or late coming students' parents can be immediately notified via school communication app. Schools can send notifications to parents for unplanned leaves due to reasons such as heavy rainfall, storms, etc. Also parents can inform the school about leave of their child. This ensures the safety and security of the students as both the responsible parties can communicate effectively via a single platform.

  • Overall progress:

    It is not just an app, its an efficient, potent and compliant tool which has the power to Improve transparency amongst all the key members. Parents can rest assured that their child is in proficient as well as safe hands as they can see for themselves what the teacher is doing and how much the child is benefiting from it.

A single teacher parent communication app works wonders to improve and enhance parent teacher relationship as it not only facilitates communication but also has analytics tools to prove how the student is performing thereby increasing parent's trust. Teachers and parents can come together and work concurrently towards the same goal i.e. student progress.