How Student Success Is Connected To Parental Engagement?

15 May2019

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Parents are the guiding forces and role model for their children. Right from the moment a child opens their eyes in this world, they see their parents. The bond between a child and their parent is unique and matchless.

Students start their life’s journey with their parents and the trust they share is precious as well as unparalleled. Teachers can leverage this to increase student performance both inside and outside the classroom with increased parental engagement.

But how can teachers reach out to parents on a regular basis?

Worry not, a school mobile app is the solution to most of a teacher’s problems. Communicating with parents is at best an essential and at worst time-consuming, hassle-filled and stressful job.

Teacher-parent communication is utterly important because these two are the building blocks and major influencers in any child’s life. When teachers and parents come together and collaborate, wonders can happen in the student’s life.

A child spends most of his time at school as well as at home. This is when teachers and parents can jointly find out, discuss and work toward improving a child's performance. For instance, when at school, a teacher can find out a student’s weak areas or falling performance. The teacher can then discuss such issues with the parents in real-time via a school chat messenger.

Parents can know what is happening at school in an instant with the help of a school parent app. The app contains information about various aspects of a child’s scholastic life such as - attendance, homework, live events, and ongoing sports activities, etc. This helps the parents to be better prepared for a particular event such as an exam, class-test, upcoming assignment, etc.

Likewise, parents can also ask teachers questions related to their child, his performance and even a difficult math problem via an app. This ensures that the parents and the teachers are both on the same page and that the parents are able to help their child with studies.

Alternatively, teachers can also ask parents questions regarding a student’s absence, low grades, unfinished homework or assignments, etc. This makes the parents realize their responsibility toward their child and his scholastic affairs. The ultimate result of a strong teacher-parent relation is a flourishing student who is performing to the best of their abilities!

All in all, a school app can be effectively utilized to connect with parents on the go and increase parental engagement. Engaged parents tend to help teachers in ways more than one - which is extremely necessary as well as beneficial to both the students and their performance.

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