How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices?

30 June2018

How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

A product of the digital revolution, an app can very easily be accessed anywhere, anytime by anyone having the login credentials. These features make an app user friendly which in turn makes it the best means for information dissemination. School apps are gaining the much deserved popularity, but what is contributing to their success? From role-based access and tracking of students to overall management of school, one app provides many facilities in a quick, systematic and cost-effective way.

In this day and age, educational institutes are required to enhance their performance in order to fulfil the outcome based demands. A school mobile app which covers each phase of the academic life-cycle of any given student has become a necessity. Results of students or progress reports are all just a click away, kudos to technology which is enabling and promoting parent engagement at many levels.

The reason it is known as a school management app is the fact that it facilitates easy and continuous access to the administration for better governance and decision making. Such apps are not only beneficial to the school management but also to the students and their parents.

Moreover, an app eases the operations going on in a school by -

  • Marking attendance:

    Gone are the days when an attendance register was required to be maintained. Now attendance is marked and made visible on the app. It eliminates the possibility of any deliberate or unintentional errors on the teachers' as well as students' part. Parents can have a clear information about their child's status.

    How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

  • Notifying parents:

    How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

    Parents can be informed about a sports event or parent teacher meet, well in advance, so that they can make out time from their tight schedule and be present on such occasions. Also parents can be notified about the absence of their child from school. Poor or better performance of their ward can be shared via the app.

  • Allotting homework:

    Teachers have the ease of allotting homework via the app. This ensures that both the parents and students get the notification alike. This reduces chances of the homework being neglected by the student. Also this acts as a motivator for the student to complete the homework on time because his parents know about it. It leads to parental involvement as the parents, knowing about the homework, will ask their child to either complete it or will help him in completing it.

    How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

  • Securing access to database:

    How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

    Security is maintained by enabling access to only authorized people in the form of login credentials and OTP as well as notifications are sent to the respective users on failed login attempts. This provides double layer security.

  • Managing overall activities:

    The management can have a report of almost any job in just a click. Better decisions can be made with such track-able processes. Details of any faculty member/staff can be found out and stored efficiently. Analysis of the same can be done to achieve maximum output.

    How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

  • Enabling hassle free payments:

    There were times when students/parents used to stand in long queues to make payments. But not anymore. Hassle free and secured payment of fees can be done via the app which can be accessed anytime from the comfort of one's home too. Its a privilege for working parents as previously they needed to take out time from office to pay the fees.

  • Tracking the students:

    How School Management Apps Are Transforming Scholastic Practices

    In case, a student leaves from home but doesn't reach the school on time then the geographical location of that student can be tracked and this is visible on the app which supports GPS. Also the progress of a certain student can be monitored instantly. Tracing of all kind of student related data is made possible.

Furthermore, the advantages of this school app for teachers are many. It has proven to increase the productivity of the faculties by reducing their time and efforts for trivial things. One app - countless convenience!