4 Key Reasons Why You Should Consider a School Mobile App for Your Children’s Safety

19 Nov2019

4 Key Reasons Why You Should Consider a School Mobile App for Your Children’s Safety

Parents - Are you concerned about your child’s safety?

Educators - Does student security bothers you owing to increasing mishaps against children?

Whether you are a parent or a responsible educator, if your answer to the above questions is - YES then, this article may help you. We will explain how you can tackle student security concerns merely by the introduction of a school mobile app! An efficient school app will not just help you keep a tab on children but also help in streamlining the daily operations fostering greater productivity & efficiency.

Here’s why you should consider a school mobile app for ensuring your children’s safety...

Reason 1: Daily Attendance Updates to Parents

‘Let’s bunk classes today! There’s no way our parents can find out about it!’

Well, well, well! Such an attitude of kids is quite common these days. We are not saying that kids should not have fun with their friends, but going to school & then bunking classes without anyone knowing is just not a sensible step. The majority of crimes against children happen when their parents or anyone older is not around. Roaming along with fellow kids can invite unfortunate incidents, right? So, to avoid such instances, a school attendance app with automated functionalities such as marking daily attendance & sending notifications to parent’s mobile or email Ids can be helpful. It will help teachers keep track of the attendance history of children & also, assure parents that their children are sincere & attending classes regularly.

Reason 2: Keep Personalized Student Data & Information Safe

Data theft has become one of the leading reasons behind crimes such as kidnapping & murders. People with wrong intentions are making use of sensitive & personalized student data for planning the heinous crime. Therefore, being an educator, it’s of utmost importance for you to keep the student data safe & secure. A school management app with cloud technology can suffice all the student data-related issues. Cloud technology empowers schools by keeping their data at a centralized location & providing password & OTP encryption, and role-based access to information. Only authorized staff or faculty members would get the provision to look into student’s details eradicating the probability of data theft & misuse.

Reason 3: Enhanced Teacher-Parent Communication

Strong teacher-parent communication can lead to significant student progress & security. Sometimes, children who are introverted in nature or shy to speak their problems in front of teachers may get into unnecessary trouble. For example, if someone bullies them or intends to harm them then, in such a scenario, the introverted child may not be able to tell their parents. Another point is parents can’t constantly keep an eye on them during school time. So, children may slip into depression at a young age because of these incidences. However, a teacher whose daily teaching your child may get the hint that something’s wrong by observing the behavior of the child. With a school communication app, teachers can directly discuss such personal things with parents and decide what they can do for the well-being of children. Parent communication app enables faculty & parents to collaborate & communicate at any given point in time & reduces the possibility of bad incidents.

Reason 4: School Bus Tracking System for High-end Student Security

Often, we hear news of criminal activities against children in school buses, right? So, just like the school’s environment, educators must ensure that children are safe while traveling via the school bus as well. Hiring an experienced or renowned bus driver is not the solution! You never know what may happen next. A school bus tracking system enabled with GPS (Global Positioning System) can be your best bet for ensuring children’s safety. It is a practical solution that can completely track the driver’s behavior in terms of the routes he takes, his daily pick-up & drop timings. Plus, parents and faculty members can receive alerts & notifications about the bus in real-time with the school communication app & stay stress-free.

Key Takeaways

Sadly, despite the tech-advancements, humans have forgotten the meaning of true humanity. Owing to the inhuman criminal acts, children’s safety has become a serious issue & should not be taken lightly at any cost. This is why the majority of top-notch educators today are implementing a student safety management app. Being an educator, you must also invest in a school mobile app that would help you achieve 100% student safety.

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