Proven Methods To Improve Student Attendance & Enhance Their Performance - Part 2

01 Sep2018

Proven Methods To Improve Student Attendance & Enhance Their Performance - Part 2

Only improving student attendance is not enough. Improving their attentiveness and capturing their attention is what matters more than boosting attendance. Apart from increasing parental involvement, conducting online tests and quizzes, tracking absences in real time via a school attendance app and scheduling a systematic and effective time table there are other methods to achieve the same. Below are some of the proven methods which certainly aid in improving student attendance as well as attentiveness. You can also boost student performance by -

Design an engaging curriculum

Since curriculum is the medium through which knowledge is imparted to students, it must be engaging enough to not just grab the attention of students but also trigger their creativity, intrigue them to learn more or inspire their thoughts. Redundant parts of a curriculum must be identified using curriculum mapping tools and it must be modified to suit the needs of today's tech-savvy students. An engaging curriculum encourages students to pay more attention and get actively involved thereby ensuring a successful academic life.

Boost Personalized Learning

Like every problem has a different solution, every child needs a different learning approach!

In this digital age, everyone is used to a personalized experience. Why not students? Understanding the fact that every student is different from the other and each has its own interests, perception and level of understanding, its a great way to boost their performance by providing personalized learning. Even though the concept is same, each student needs a different approach to learning. A school management software can help you to a great extent as it stored personalized information of every student.

Reward Good Behaviour

Nothing encourages like appreciation!

A compliment, applause, reward or even a smile from teachers can work wonders for the students. Rewarding good behaviour is certainly a key to encourage students to do better than what they’re doing. As a result, students are bound to get motivated and perform even better. For instance, using data from student attendance management system to find the students having absolute best attendance from each class. Rewarding such students will definitely make them feel proud and good about what they have done and they will strive to do better. Also, this will set an example for other students to follow lead.

Increase Interaction Via Forum

Students tend to think like students, a feat not many teachers can achieve. In other words, students, who know about a particular topic/subject, can explain the same topic to other students in a better way. Interaction via forum not only helps students in clearing their doubts but also makes them good at communication and opens the doors of interactive teaching and learning for them. This is particularly essential in today's age where information can be accessed with ease and speed like never before.

Gather First Hand Feedback

One of the best ways to know how effective a certain teaching method is or how well the students are able to grasp the concepts a particular teacher, is to gather feedback from them directly. Let students understand that their opinion and suggestions matter and gain their trust. A few simple questions would be able to tell you a lot about what's working best for you and what's not. It may also give you a fair idea of what necessary changes should be made.

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