How Can School Mobile App Help You to Limit Yearly Expenses?

08 May2018

How Can School Mobile App Help You to Limit Yearly Expenses?

There is no doubt present in the fact that schools have many expenditures including those spent on circulars, timetables, notices, as well as information that needs to be communicated to parents. This can be a big expense.

You can save this by using a school management app designed precisely for this cause. Nearly everything is using technology to make processes more efficient; in fact you can also find apps that are involved in helping out schools to pursue their activities.

Atcovation is regarded as being a school mobile app as well as a portal that aims to transform schools via modern technology. Through this app, schools can definitely limit their yearly expenses. Read on to find out how this can be possible.

  • SMS is a money saving tool

    Instead of having to print out notices to send to parents it can be less costly to do this via SMS. If printing is required, then the school will need to pay for the printing, the ink, the paper, the electricity involved in printing. If they decide to communicate via SMS, then less money can be spent as someone will need to simply send the SMS to all the contacts on the list.

  • The money saved on time saved

    While an administrator is preparing circulars as well as monitoring it's printing, time is being wasted that can be used for another beneficial activity. This individual can be involved in doing something more productive that can generate revenue for the school. It has been estimated that much cash can be saved by using the reusable templates given by the mobile app.

  • Saving teachers time

    With this App; teachers can assign daily homework to students. They can also share other academic details online with parents. This reduces the time and money get invested in attending parents queries on call or personal meet. Teachers can utilize this time to focus on improving learning outcomes in the classroom. This app can, therefore, be a really useful school app for teachers.

  • Less stationary equipment equals less expense

    If homework diaries, notices, circulars, etc. do not need to be printed then the stationary to make these will not need to be brought to the school. Money can then be saved when it comes to paper, stationery costs, plus printing costs, moreover other expenditures which an educational institution can ignore even though it can cost them much annually.

  • Happy parents leads to more benefits

    Parents also have the ease to send a leave application simply. Instead of having to send a letter, parents can do this via mobile app. Teachers can also immediately update concerning student's leave upon their digital register.

    Mobile app for schools can effectively manage all day to day activities of the classroom like attendance marking, homework assignments, notice sharing, etc. Switching to modern technology using an app can fully end paper-based communication and limit the expenses of schools.

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