A Checklist For Your School Mobile App

19 Feb2019

A Checklist For Your School Mobile App

Managing a School is not an easy task, but it can be simplified and made easier by deploying the right technology. Technology, in the form of school ERP and school Apps, can help you organize data, share key information and collaborate with stakeholders in ways that were not possible until recently.

Alternatively, even though technology is a powerful tool, if not chosen wisely, it may lead to unnecessary hassle and confusion, and may not provide the desired results. Hence, it is imperative to go for a solution which can be used by every concerned person and is feasible in all the aspects.

We have compiled a checklist for your school mobile app including the key features the teachers, parents and even the students expect. This checklist ensures that the technological needs of all the stakeholders are met.

Online Fee Payment

Perhaps, one of the most potent and beneficial features of modern technology is ‘online payment Integration’. A school app can be integrated with online payment gateways to facilitate easy fee payment and fee collection.

For instance, with such an app, the parents will be able to pay school fees online without even coming to school and standing in long queues. This will lead to eliminated queues and the need of cash counters as well as zero cash handling.

One-on-one Communication

Communication is the key to resolve almost any kind of issues. School communication with parents is essential for effective collaboration between students, parents, and teachers. An app which provides a one-on-one communication channel for each key constituent not only paves way for a healthy scholastic atmosphere but also aids in improving student outcomes.

You should look for a school communication app which facilitates effective, and secure communication between teacher & parents, parents & school and the school & teachers. Such an app would eliminate the communication gap and boost a healthy scholastic atmosphere where all the constituents are well aware of everything important.

Easy Information & Data Sharing

Schools spend countless hours and a huge amount of money to send out circulars and distribute notices regarding various academic or non-curricular activities. All of this time, efforts and money can be saved with a single app.

school management App must enable schools as well as the teachers to share data and information with one another and also with the parents/students.

Bus Tracking

Student security has become a sensitive issue in the past couple of decades. Parents today are becoming more and more conscious of their children’s safety. Moreover, as a school, you have the responsibility of ensuring that each and every one of your student reaches their home safely.

Modern Apps like Atcovation, enable parents to track the vehicle carrying their child in real-time. This ensures that the child is always under the protective eyes of his parents. Moreover, the school can fulfill its responsibilities toward parents without putting in a lot of efforts or even time.


On a daily basis, teachers have to take attendance which consumes their time and takes up almost a fifth of the class time. This crucial class time of the teacher can be saved with an app that has the facility to mark attendance.

The mundane task which requires a teacher's ten important minutes can be done.

Homework Assignment

Homework is as important as classwork. Every teacher goes through the daily struggle of making students to complete their homework and keep track of the same. Moreover, sometimes teachers also have to share notes and study resources with parents via emails, which is again a tedious task.

Teachers need an app can resolve all these issues at a click. Look for a mobile app that lets teachers assign homework to students on the go, and additionally lets them share study resources with parents in the form of documents, pictures or even videos. An app is way better than email because it is very easy to keep track of each student along with the communications done with parents.


No matter how many features an app provides, all of it is worthless if the app doesn’t provide security. Student data security along with academic data security is a must-have in any app or even any technology that you are using. Security should be in the form of role-based access, multiple layers of encryption, password & OTP protected tasks, etc.

Most of the free apps store your crucial data which is deployed in undesirable ways. Additionally, cyber data security must not be taken lightly. Before going for an app, you must make sure that it has been thoroughly vetted.

These are the must-have features in a School App.

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