Benefits Of Implementing School Mobile App

12 Mar2019

Benefits Of Implementing School Mobile App

Would it not be beneficial to deliver key information to parents, teachers and all the prime constituents on the go?

In today’s world, where everyone not only has a smartphone but also has some kind of addiction to it, a school app can be a great tool for every scholastic stakeholder. You can effectively engage parents, teachers, and students to accelerate the growth rate of your school with an app!

A school mobile app is a one-stop solution having a very simple user interface to enable parents, teachers, and students to access information, maintain records and manage things without putting in a lot of effort.

Here are some benefits of implementing a school management app :

Streamline Attendance

A School App help teachers to mark daily attendance in less than 60 seconds!

Instead of the old school way of managing attendance on papers, teachers can now simply tap the screen a few times and student attendance is marked, effortlessly.

This saves the teacher’s precious classroom time. Since attendance becomes a hassle-free task with an app, the teacher can be more productive and attentive in the classroom. This extra time and attention of the teacher is bound to create a positive impact on the students.

Attendance reports of an individual student or the entire classroom can be generated in a few clicks. For example, if a teacher requires the attendance record graph of a class for a particular month they can get it from the app without any hassles or delays.

Eliminate Communication Silos

With parents getting busier by the day, it is important that there is some way they are connected with the schools and the teachers since they can’t pay a visit to their child’s school regularly. The rising communication gap between parents and teachers not only makes parents feel left out but also tends to hamper with the students’ growth.

To make sure parents and teachers are on the same page with regards to the student, school apps have an in-built messenger. This feature allows teachers to discuss the performance and behavior of the student with parents on a regular basis.

Teachers can also share grades of various tests, timetables, syllabus, and dates of upcoming exams, quizzes, etc. Parents can clear any doubts or queries, they have directly with the teacher. To clear doubts on a difficult concept, teachers can further share relevant videos and articles via the app.

Parents can receive messages through push notifications regarding school events, PTMs, co-curricular activities, important notices, etc. This way parents can stay in the loop and ensure that their child is ready for all the activities and events well in advance.

Ensure Student Security

It is extremely important to keep a close eye on every student’s whereabouts, especially with the rise in crimes. Parents need the assurance that their child is exactly where they are supposed to be.

A school app gives parents the much-needed assurance of their child’s safety by giving them access to their child’s attendance record daily. Also, with the app, teachers can send auto-triggered messages or push notifications to parents informing them about their child’s attendance.

Live bus tracking is another great feature of some school apps, such as Atcovation, that makes sure students are safe.

In conclusion, the benefits of a school app outweigh any reason you might have for not using a school app. To provide students with the best learning experience, educational institutes need to adopt the latest technologies in education and stay updated. This will not only help them in improving their student outcomes but will also help their students in being better prepared for the challenges of the future.

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